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  Log your dives one-by-one through the browser, or use Bulk Upload to enter them at once. Add trip reports. Attach your own pictures to the dives and trips. Record your certifications and include C-Card images.  
  The program will analyze the entered information, summarize and organize it, calculate Recreational Diving Experience Index (RDX), add maps and pictures, etc.  
  Start now and enjoy your free scuba logbook on the Internet.  
  Sample Logbooks
Diver Name RDX  Dives Logged Diver Name RDX  Dives Logged
Jim Blay 330.9  410         Lindsey Mobley 234.4  250        
Gar Whaley 154.1  642         Marc Mieske 221.7  161        
Tom Loomis 102.8  131         Pierre Cazeau 347.7  223        
Nathan Hukill 79.6  43         Josette Elias 43.6  38        
C. Thomas Schaefer 226.2  332         Marco A. S. Mendonca 379.6  353        
Matthew Rowe 32.2  45         Genady Filkovsky 579.5  2610        
Erik Haefner 63.7  27         David M. Lawrence 202.9  285        
Jason Mitchell 76.8  135         Terri Hooper 63.8  57        
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  Select a location you are interested in and browse through divers' experiences in this location.  
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